Poor Night Vision - Could Glaucoma Be To Blame?


To drive safely after dark, you need good night vision.  If you've noticed that your night vision isn't quite as good as it once was, you could be suffering from glaucoma.  But what is glaucoma and how can your optometrist help to resolve the problem?  Read on to find out more. What is glaucoma? Glaucoma commonly affects both eyes, although the condition may not develop in each eye equally at the same rate.

19 February 2016

3 Eye Problems Associated With Parkinson's Disease


Symptoms associated with Parkinson's disease such as loss of muscle control and eye tremors can leave you at risk of developing problems with your vision. This can impact on your ability to maintain your independence by making it difficult for you to read your mail or follow cooking instructions, but problems with your vision can also be socially isolating. Here's an overview of three eye problems associated with Parkinson's disease and the treatment options.

24 June 2015

4 Reasons You May Need to Seek Prescription Glasses


There are so many reasons why people choose to have prescription glasses. Some people have different prescription glasses to help them with different sight problems. Need to get glasses yourself? Here are the 4 major reasons that should underline your need for prescription lenses. General sight improvements For most people, their need for glasses is derived from the basic need to improve eyesight. This can be as a result of eye damage, disease, birth defects or exposure to harmful environments such as too much lighting or the vice versa.

30 March 2015