Why Should You Wear Contact Lenses if You Have Keratoconus?


If you have keratoconus, then you may have already seen an ophthalmologist. Your vision may have got obviously blurry and you may have other symptoms such as double vision and increased sensitivity to light. If you haven't had to wear glasses or contact lenses in the past, then you may be surprised when your ophthalmologist tells you that you should start wearing lenses now. How will this affect your condition and is it the only treatment you'll need?

31 August 2020

Common Health Issues Eye Experts Can Detect During an Examination


Are you scheduled to visit your optometrist soon? Getting your eyes examined regularly is one of the best things you can do to identify any eye problems. Unfortunately, most people overlook the significance of this practice since they think that their vision hasn't changed because they can still see clearly. Well, eye exams offer more benefits other than detecting eyesight problems. The examination can tell you more about your general health as well.

12 February 2020